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aïr doors are purposefully crafted and engineered to be as environmentally efficient as possible.

The door itself is made from aluminium. A metal that is 100% recyclable, and a substance that can be recycled again and again without limit.

The values that we obtain for the performance of the doors are also important to save the homeowner in terms of energy bills, thus reducing the impact to burn fuel to keep the home warm and the ability to keep the elements out.

The primary purpose of the doors is to enable us to fully enjoy the nature that surrounds our homes, without negatively effecting it.

U Values

  • aïr

    from 1.4 Wm2k

  • aïr 500
    & 600

    from 1.38 Wm2k

  • aïr 500LS & 600LS

    from 1.38 Wm2k