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aïr performance standards explained

we have quite simply thought of everything

When it comes to looking for a set of sliding or bi-fold doors, many people don't know what to look out for. What separates the average from the best? It is hard to distinguish. We want to make that easy for you, and so we hang our hat on the following measures. Whether you are buying a set of aïr doors or not - always demand to know what you are putting into your home.

  • Security

    Our homes are precious, they hold inside the things most dear to us. Don't compromise security. aïr doors are tested to PAS 24 standard - keeping even the most determined of intruders out.

  • Weather Performance (pa)

    The elements naturally play a huge role in testing the integrity of your doors. Thats why wind load and watertightness are essential values to be aware of. Wind load is the amount of force a structure can take from the impact of the wind. Watertightness is the measure of how much water can penetrate an object. Both are measured in pascals (pa). The higher the pa value the better.

  • U Value (W/m2k)

    A U value is a measure of heat loss. It is expressed in W/m2k, and shows the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of glass. The lower the U value, the better the insulation provided by the material.

  • 25 year guarantee

    Investing in a set of high-end doors is probably a once in a lifetime decision. aïr is the most impressive range of high performance doors. We are so confident of this, we have an industry leading 25 year manufacturer guarantee on all aïr doors.

  • aïrcoat colour protection

    The level of protection or determination of paint can be related to the value of thickness of the paint that is applied to a door. This value is referred to a microns. The higher the micron value is one indication of the life that the paint will give you.

harness the technology and beauty of aïr

tested to the utmost extreme, aïr is precision built to endure

aïrglide technology

we have quite simply thought of everything

aïr Lift & Slide doors feature aïrglide technology, ensuring smooth operation for years to come. Strong stainless steel rollers mean that huge panes of glass that weigh up to 300kg can be easily moved with just 2 fingers. No tugging, heaving, or pushing. Moving the doors is not a workout. They slide and glide effortlessly.

The extreme technology used to put together aïr Lift & Slide doors means that the performance possibilities are immense. The refined lift and slide mechanism enables the sliding door to be safely locked in any position.

aïr at a glance

combining incredible form and function


air 500ls


air 600ls


air 800ls

aïrglide - push up to 300kg with two fingers o o
aïrcoat - dirt resistant textured paint available in any RAL colour, easy to clean o o o
aïrlock - locking system tested to PAS 24 standard o o o
aïrflex - built in adjustment on hinges for a plumb and level door o
aïrsafe - anti-finger trap technology o
aïrtight - Interlocking weather seal - keeps bad weather out - even around the hinges o
Stainless steel rollers - as opposed to weaker nylon ones o
Teflon coated gaskets - dirt doesn't stick o o o
Hand engineered and finished - all joints are finished with glue for extra strength o o o
25 year guarantee - with manufacturer o o o
Slim sightlines - from 48mm from 48mm from 108mm
lift and slide operation - o o
Cornerless solution - o
Single track, single slider - o
Multiple track, multiple slider - o
Low threshold - level off floors without compromising on weather performance o o o
Maximum size per panel - 2500 x 2700 2500 x 2700 1200 x 3000
U values from - 0.95 Wm2k 1.0 Wm2k 1.1 Wm2k
Wind load up to - 1200 pa 1200 pa 1800 pa
Watertightness up to - 600 pa 600 pa 600 pa
Maximum glass weight - 300 kg per panel 300 kg per panel 120 kg per panel
Glazing - 28, 36 or 44mm 28, 36 or 44mm 28, 36 or 42mm