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Bi-Fold Door Buyer's Guide


Your quick guide to aïr bifolding doors

If you are presently looking for new bifolding or sliding doors, there is a huge amount of products, brands and companies to choose from.

With so many bifolding doors claiming to be high quality products, how can you find out what makes a real quality bifolding door? The aïr 800 bifolding door has everything that goes into a premium folding door and much more.

For maximum performance and endurance, aïr doors are the leaders.

It is important to consider more than just your requirement for a new folding door. A large door may take up the space of an entire wall. Your bifolding door will need to be weather resistant, thermally efficient and keep your home secure. They must also look great. The aïr 800 folding door exceeds your expectations.

Aïr doors are not only one of the slimmest doors you can buy, they are also high performance bifolds, designed to give you years of enjoyment.

What do the ‘badges’ mean on a bifolding door?

As you do your research, you may see all sorts of security, weather and quality standards. With a regulated sector, all doors will mostly meet basic standards. Aïr doors exceed them.

You may be satisfied with a door that meets the basic standards. However if you seek something that goes further, offers excellent security, is more weather resistant and more durable, we have created aïr. Aïr doors are designed to exceed industry standards – by a long margin.

Find out who makes your quality doors?

There are manufacturing companies all over the UK that make the same brand of aluminium bifold as well as many other brands.

The majority of sliding doors are made using a generic system, with individual manufacturers using cheaper components to keep costs down. Aïr doors are exclusively manufactured by one multi-award winning manufacturer with over 37 years experience, in a state-of-the-art automated factory in London.

Aïr doors are only made by one company.

We only make aïr doors and nobody else. Quality is exceptional every time. Your doors are bespoke and made exclusively for you. Your new aïr doors come from an expert  designer and manufacturer of quality doors. And nobody else.

This is why aïr doors are the only doors on the market with an industry leading 25-year manufacturers guarantee.

Understanding what a guarantee means.

It is important you understand exactly what guarantee will come with any bifolding door.  Do your research and you will find that other brands only come with limited guarantee, especially is your door is being sourced by your builder. Often this is restricted to certain parts of the door such as the paint finish only.

An aïr door is the only door on the market that offers you this absolute peace of mind. Paint finish, components, manufacturing, assembly and quality are all covered for a quarter of a century!


Colour Matters with aïr bifolding doors.

The powder coated finish on an aluminium bifolding door is what protects the aluminium and gives you your chosen colour.  You have the choice of many hundreds of colour options to choose from including matt or gloss shades.  You can even choose a different colour inside and out on your new bifolding doors.

Aïr bifolding doors take your colour choice even further. Our paint finishes are more durable than other bifolding doors on the market. Aïr doors also come with the option of the exclusive aïrcoat – a textured, highly durable and scratch resistant powder coating. The ultimate in colour and texture for your new bifolding doors.

The right hardware can substantially enhance your bifold door experience.

A true quality bifolding door will have the very best in handles, locking systems and running gear. The complex nature of how a bifold swings, slides and folds means reliability is essential.

Many other bifolds on the market use widely available hardware to keep the cost down. Aïr bifolding doors come with the very best in door hardware and operates like no other door. You have a wide choice of hardware including an exclusive range of designer hardware that is beautiful, ergonomic, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic.

Opening options and configurations.

Your bifolding doors will need to be designed for you and your home in mind. You have choices on the number of leaves, in which direction they slide and whether they open in or out.

An access leaf (or traffic door) is an excellent way to make your bifolding door more functional and especially if it is the only rear door to your garden. An access leaf works independently allowing you to use your doors just like a single or set of double doors, without having to fold the leaves back every time.

aïr. Creating the seamless link between the inside and outside.

A huge benefit to bifolding doors is how they can truly open up your home and bring new enjoyment to your garden, patio or terrace.

Whether you are replacing old doors with a new bifold or fitting to a new opening it is worth considering your threshold and floor levels.  Your new aïr bifolding doors come with a choice of standard or low threshold choices. You can even have your builder set the threshold at a desired position to take into consideration your inside flooring and external decking, slabs or patio.