Sliding Door Buyer’s Guide

Your Quick Guide To aïr Sliding Doors

A sliding door offers a fantastic solution for your home if you are looking to maximise your view, create a sliding wall or just desire the latest in contemporary sliding doors.

Whether you are looking to replace your old sliding door or are constructing a new extension or door opening, we have put together a short guide to help you make the right choice.

Sliding doors enhance large and small spaces.

One of the best features about a new sliding door is that they can work in the smallest or most awkward of spaces. Because the doors slide rather than fold or swing, balconies, small patios, studios or any small space can be transformed with a sliding door.

An aïr sliding door is available in a wide choice of styles, opening options and designs. From a simple two-panel sliding door right up to multi-panel or open corner arrangements, aïr doors offer more design freedom than other types of doors.

Consider how your sliding doors will open and close.

How your door opens and operates is worth considering. There are two types of sliding options available.

aïr 500LS sliding doors are ideal for a two or four panel doors. Two panel doors feature two tracks with one door sliding behind the fixed panel, four pane doors have the middle doors sliding apart. Three track doors give even more flexibility whereby doors can stack together to one or both sides.

There is even the option of a cornerless solution for the ultimate in sliding door openings. Your doors meet in the middle from two sides and slide apart to reveal a fully open corner.

Lift & Slide doors are the latest innovation. With a lift & slide door, the door panel moves effortlessly back, away from its hermetic seal. It then slides in the chosen direction.

Our aïr 500LS or aïr 600LS lift & slide doors all provide desirability, functionality and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Consider how easy your sliding door is to use.

Sliding doors are the one door that gives you the biggest sized doors and the largest possible panels of glass. Our unique lift & slide doors can be made up to 3 metres in overall height and with individual panels up to 2.5 metres wide – that’s huge! With doors weighing up to 300kg or more per panel, only quality doors like aïr offer an effortless operation with such large and heavy panels.

A premium, well designed and engineered sliding door, and one comprising the most sophisticated rollers and components can give you an effortless operation. Many basic sliding doors feature standard hardware. The aïr door features the highest quality components. Even our heaviest doors can be effortlessly opened with just two fingers.

For a sliding door, quality is everything right down to the finest detail.

What do the badges mean on a sliding door?

As you do your research, you may see all sorts of security, weather and quality standards. With a regulated sector, all doors will mostly meet basic standards. aïr doors exceed them.

You may be satisfied with a sliding door that meets the basic standards. However if you seek something that goes further, is more secure, more weather resistant and more durable, we have created aïr. aïr doors are designed to meet required industry standards and exceed them – by a long margin.

Who really makes your quality doors?

There are manufacturing companies all over the UK that make the same brand of sliding door as well as many other brands. With other doors you will not always know who has made it meaning doors from one factory may be of great quality but the same doors from another factory might not be as well made.

The majority of sliding doors are made using a generic system, with individual manufacturers using cheaper components to keep costs down. aïr doors are exclusively manufactured only by one multi-award winning manufacturer with over 37 years experience, in a state-of-the-art automated factory in London.

aïr doors are only made by one company.

We only make aïr sliding doors and nobody else. Quality is exceptional every time. Your doors are bespoke and made exclusively for you. Your new aïr doors come from an expert designer and manufacturer of quality doors. And nobody else.

This is why aïr doors are the only doors on the market with an industry leading 25-year manufacturers guarantee.

Understanding what a guarantee really means.

It is important you understand exactly what guarantee will come with any sliding door. Do your research and you will find that other brands only come with limited guarantee, especially is your door is being sourced by your builder. Often this is restricted to certain parts of the door such as the paint finish only.

An aïr door is the only door on the market that offers you this absolute peace of mind. Paint finish, components, manufacturing, assembly and quality are all covered for a quarter of a century!

Colour Matters with aïr sliding doors.

The powder coated finish on an aluminium sliding door is what protects the aluminium and gives you your chosen colour on a sliding door. You have the choice of many hundreds of colour options to choose from including matt or gloss shades. You can even choose a different colour inside and out on your new sliding doors.

aïr sliding doors take your colour choice even further. Our paint finishes are more durable than other sliding doors on the market. aïr doors also come with the option of the exclusive aïrcoat – a textured, high durable and scratch resistant powder coating. The ultimate in colour and texture for your new sliding doors.

The right hardware can substantially enhance your sliding door experience.

A true quality sliding door will have the very best in handles, locking systems and running gear. The complex nature of how a sliding door slides or lifts & slides means reliability is essential.

Many other sliding doors on the market use widely available hardware to keep the cost down. aïr sliding doors come with the very best in door hardware and works like no other door. You have a wide choice of hardware including an exclusive range of designer hardware that is beautiful, ergonomic, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic.

aïr. Creating the seamless link between the inside and outside.

A huge benefit to sliding doors is how they can truly open up your home and bring new enjoyment to your garden, patio or terrace.

Whether you are replacing old doors with a new sliding or fitting to a new opening it is worth considering your threshold and floor levels. There are options available for your sliding door threshold.

Your new aïr sliding doors come with a choice of standard or low threshold choices. You can even have your builder set the threshold at a desired position to take into consideration your inside flooring and external decking, slabs or patio.

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