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3 Top Tips To Keep Your Bi-Folding Doors Up To Date

The aïr 800 is unquestionably one of the most stylish bi-folding door solutions that has ever been developed.

Those super slim sightlines, expansive glazed panels and the way it so beautifully manoeuvres along its accompanying track makes it a sensational sight to set your eyes on.

That’s not to say though that the look of an aïr 800 cannot be enhanced further. On the contrary, there are at least three measures you can take to keep them right on trend throughout their very lengthy lifespan.


Some suitably patterned vertical, horizontal, roman or roller blinds won’t just add to the aesthetics of the design, without overshadowing it, but they can also be utilised to limit the transference of light indoors and be drawn to give you privacy when you want it. Roller blinds and Roman blinds are usually most favoured.

Available in an assortment of materials, they should be meticulously made-to-measure ahead of fitting.


The obvious alternative to blinds is a set of curtains that you can frame your bi-folding doors with, that’s so long as there is enough space between the top of the door and the ceiling for a curtain pole. Muslin or voile curtains tend to be a particularly popular choice for bi-folds as they’re made of a very light fabric.


aïr is largely maintenance-free, but with so much glass included in the design it is inevitable that it will sometimes get dirty, and the same goes for the slender frames.

“The aïr 800 is unquestionably one of the most stylish bi-folding door solutions that has ever been developed. “

Every few weeks, take a soft sponge or cloth doused in some hot, soapy water to remove any blemishes that have appeared as a result of the weather. This will leave them sparkling again.

Have a chat with your local Accredited Retailer to uncover further ways of dressing your aïr bi-folding doors. More information on the aïr 800 can be found here.

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