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Available in aïr 600LS. Explore the benefits of open space design and advanced engineering with the aïr corner sliding doors, built for ease, performance, and long-term endurance.

Open up a corner of your home with our corner sliding doors, maximising space and allowing natural light to flood into your interior space.

aïr corner sliding doors serve as an excellent alternative to standard corner bifolding doors. Unlike bifolding corner doors which require multiple smaller panels, aïr 600LS corner doors consist of only two large glass panels, delivering impressive views.

Our door panel sizes can be made up to 2500mm x 2700mm, whereas most corner bifolding doors will require panel sizes of around 1000mm. For example, if you have a 5000mm opening, an aïr 600LS corner sliding door can be installed with only two panels, whereas most standard bifolding corner doors would require 5 panels. This makes aïr’s corner sliding doors the obvious choice to connect with beautiful views.

aïr corner sliding doors also have the unique ability to turn any dark corner into a light-filled focal point. Through effortless sliding action, you can open up a corner of your room and eliminate the separation of inside-outside.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing patio door or are creating the dream extension, aïr corner sliding doors provide the perfect solution. From a small door opening, right up to a sliding glass wall, aïr doors are ideal.

aïr corner sliding doors give any traditional or modern property the perfect finishing touch. Choose from over 150 different colours including colour combinations and individual finishes. Our exclusive aïrcoat even provides a scratch-resistant surface and optimum durability.

Personalise your aïr bifolding door with our premium range of handles and accessories. Our premium range of standard or luxurious designer hardware is beautiful to look at, feels perfect in use and helps keep your home secure.

If you have a specific design requirement or wish to add even more style and functionality to your stunning aïr doors, we offer different colours inside and out, textured paint finishes, threshold options and much more besides. aïr doors provide you with a truly individual corner sliding door for your home.

Why aïr Corner Sliding Doors?

Architecturally speaking, interior and exterior is not always split by a physical wall, and with aïr Corner Sliding Doors, your home’s sense of inside and outside is both open and flexible.

While closed, our aïr doors with large glass panels provide uninterrupted, inspiring views with plenty of space for natural light, expanding the look and feel of your interior space. You can also rely on advanced security, durability and energy-saving technologies with every door.

And when you want to open up or close your corner sliding doors, you’ll discover it requires little effort and time. For year-round comfort, the aïr doors achieve U-Values as low as 0.95 Wm2K for optimal energy efficiency and reduced energy costs.

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Great doors, and really good service. Really impressed…they had been recommended to us and we were not disappointed. Lovely showroom, very knowledgeable and helpful staff and great doors.


The installation team were quick, efficient and skilled. The communication with us was excellent. The end result was exactly what we hoped it would be.


The sales person was very helpful and addressed all our questions on the bi folding door professionally. I was delighted with the helpfulness of the sales person, quality of products, installation timing and tidiness of the installation.

25 Year Guarantee*

aïr doors are homely and luxurious furnishings for your home. They’re also an investment built to last. Tested to the highest standards of reliability and durability, every set of aïr doors is backed by our extensive manufacturers’ guarantee of up to 25 years*.

*Terms, conditions & limitations apply. Please contact your Accredited Retailer for more information.

What Configurations Can I Have?

aïr 600LS Corner Sliding Door

Create the ultimate style statement in your home with our unique open corner sliding door arrangement. Intelligent engineering and our know-how give you two sliding doors with a slimline corner post.

When closed the doors are secure and weather resistant. Slide the doors and the moveable corner post moves away to open up your home with no visible post and a floating ceiling effect that will be the envy of your neighbours. Nothing creates a view to your garden like an aïr corner sliding door.

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