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aïr: A Powerful Answer To Extreme Weather

With weather extremes increasing, it’s important for door technology to give more protection from the elements. We all want to make the most of the views without being affected by extreme weather.

aïr doors are engineered to offer extreme wind resistance. So extreme that they can withstand a wind load of up to 1800 pascals, this is the measure of pressure or force against the door. The aïr 800 takes this even further with a performance that protects against wind loads of 100 mph.

“aïr doors are engineered to offer extreme wind resistance”

Shouldn’t doors be as rugged as they are stunning and as generous on comfort as they are on aesthetics? aïr doors offer homeowners and architects boundless possibilities. Even in more extreme settings, they provide the freedom to enjoy the views without being affected by poor conditions outdoors. It’s a weather-resistant strength which is backed up by other features such as Teflon-coated door seals. What stands between a howling gale and a serene home? An aïr bi-fold or lift & slide door.

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