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aïr: testing the boundaries

A great architectural or design project puts what is possible to the test. This may be because of an unusual setting or a highly refined specification. A testing project demands better tested doors. This is why, at aïr, we see 100 product tests a year as essential rather than excessive…even when that means we open and close cycle test doors no less than 50,000 times, equal to 277 years of normal use!

Creating a better match between a door and its setting calls for a product which has been put to every possible test. When you admire an aïr door for its beauty, you’re looking at a product which has been repeatedly proven to reduce amount of heat escaping from a home and to withstand a wind load of up to 1800 pascals, this is the measure of pressure or force against the door. You’re also looking at a door which has been tested at every angle to ensure that it really does transform the push and pull of daily use into an effortless glide.

“at aïr, we see 100 product tests a year as essential rather than excessive”

Continual testing like this is not just to prove the sophisticated performance of our doors. It is to help architects and home-owners test the boundaries of what is possible.

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