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As the launch of aïr gets closer…

As the launch of aïr gets closer, Glass News gets the full story behind the launch of the new consumer brand for aluminum sliding and folding doors

aïr is launching

We live in a world where brands are big business. Whether it’s a coffee on the go or new car, we know what to expect just by the brand. Brands give us a security when we’re choosing how to spend our money. They talk to our emotions and give us a way to judge not just on the basic value of products but on the extra benefits the brand promises. In fact, some brands are so powerful they can make us feel the same warmth and happiness that we feel for family and friends.

It’s hard to believe, but neuroscientist Professor Gemma Calvert designed an experiment for the BBC with food brands and an MRI scanner to prove her hypothesis. Using food brands she showed ordinary people pictures of a Heinz beans can, a Coke can, Red Bull, McDonald’s and a host of well-known branded packaging, followed by photos of their close friends and family members. The results showed that the part of the brain used to recognise well-known brands is the same as the part we use to recognise friends and family.

Brand values

Knowing the power of brands it’s not surprising we use branding as a shortcut to making sure we feel good about our choices. So whether it’s something we buy every day for a couple of quid, or something bigger like cars, we like the reassurance of brand values.

So it’s surprising that there aren’t more recognisable brands in home improvements. Kitchens seem to do best with some level of branding at different quality and pricing levels. But for windows, conservatories and doors, it’s hard to think of mainstream product brands. That’s why when launching a new consumer brand of aluminum sliding and folding doors the thinking needed to be different.

sliding-529612a818108Two years planning

aïr has been two years in research and planning. Initial research looked at what was already on offer to consumers. The biggest thing this highlighted was a lack of information about product performance. Contrast this to the way we buy cars, we might not understand engines but we ask about engine size, fuel consumption, brake horsepower. It gives car salespeople measurable benefits to differentiate their products from competitors.

In addition consumers like to make their purchases personal. They like to have something unique. Again looking at the way the motor industry gives options and upgrades for consumers was critical in the thinking behind the new brand.

Translating this into a folding and sliding door brand has been exciting. aïr is the most impressive range of high performance sliding and folding doors marketed exclusively in the UK through aïr retailers.

Engineered for performance

The product is right. Already proven in other parts of the world, aïr has everything customers are looking for. It is engineered for performance. The doors have been through extreme testing, subjected to 100 separate tests including hot-box, weather and security tests. aïr doors have been subjected to thousands of cycles equivalent to over fifty years opening and closing in typical use. This gives salespeople real measurables against competitors.

“aïr has everything customers are looking for”

The design includes integral stainless steel wheels and Teflon covered gaskets that ensure an easy open and close action that requires only a finger light touch – we call this aïrglide.

Homeowners worried about the loss of heat due to removing a large piece of wall will appreciate the fact that aïr is designed for thermal performance. Extreme energy efficiency comes as standard with an exclusively designed polyamide thermal break system and multi-chambered aluminium profile.

Boundless possibilities

Consumers can experience for themselves the boundless possibilities aïr offers for their space as well as the multiple options such as designer handles and adventurous colour range with the unique aïrcoat technology. Ensuring the complete personalisation of aïr sliding and folding doors gives consumers a feeling of exclusivity. There is no compromise choosing aïr.

aïr is a main sponsor for the G13 awards, the industry’s biggest night of the year at The Hilton Hotel on Park Lane on 29 November. It’s an exciting brand that’s prepared to do things differently. From the initial concept to the launch, aïr demands more from itself, its installers and its customers. More about the impressive products and how to become an accredited installer will be revealed over the coming months. aïr will be exclusively available in the UK through selected retailers. Interested installers can keep up to date with the latest developments by registering at www.discoveraïr.co.uk


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