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The benefits of bifold doors

In an exciting new glazed extension or renovation project, there’s nothing nicer than introducing folding doors to create a stunning wall of glass.

They are such a simple but standout feature in people’s home as they truly transform the living space.

Bifold doors have become the architectural glazing of choice and are the perfect addition to most interior design makeovers.

Why bifold doors are so popular

Benefits-of-bifold-doors-bifold-doors-for-living-roomsThere are loads of benefits of choosing bifold doors. aïr 800 bifold doors fold away to reveal an entirely open space and this is probably the biggest reason why more and more homeowners want to have them.

They effortlessly enable people to create a sophisticated, open plan living area, which allows you to enjoy a seamless link from your living space to the outdoors.

If you’re looking to make a stylish statement in your home, bifold doors will certainly do this. The big expanse of glass is really impressive and they let in a huge amount of natural light – which instantly brightens up a room.

Dubbed the Rolls Royce® of bifold doors, the aïr 800 has up to 10 panels, which can each be as tall as 3 metres and as wide as 1.2 metres. That means your bifold door feature can span across an impressive 12 metres.

With aïr 800 bifold doors, you don’t need to worry about chunky frames spoiling the view, as sightlines are as slim as 108mm. This means that open or closed, you’ll be able to make the most of the garden, hot tub or outdoor dining area.

Get the London look

Benefits of bifold doors for homes in West LondonAcross London and the South East, homeowners are making a stylish statement by incorporating folding doors.

Whether you’re city, country or coastal, they are modern and chic. Thanks to the wide expanse of glass, you will be guaranteed to let in a huge amount of natural light.

Bifold doors look sleek and minimalistic and their boundless style successfully knits your newly transformed room with your outdoor area.

When you read about all the benefits, it is no surprise that homeowners across the South East of England are choosing the world’s highest performing bifold doors.

Bifold doors are setting trends

Benefits of bifold doors for homes in HarrowWith aïr 800 bifold doors, you’ll be investing in a dependable product that is aesthetically pleasing with subtle aluminium frames, clean lines and large glazed areas.

These bifold doors allow you to be flexible with your interior and think about ways to enhance your property and open it up. Designers believe they are now setting the trend for contemporary and modern projects and that’s because they add the wow factor.

If you’ve always wanted a dining/kitchen or dream about creating a seamless link from a room to an outdoor area, these high performance folding doors could be just what you’re looking for.

You have choices

Constructed using multiple glass panels, bifold doors fold away to reveal an open space which simply bounces natural light in.

It’s up to you how many panels to have although this will depend on the size of the aperture. At the very least, you can have a two-panel bifold door, but of course this number can rise to an impressive 10 panels if you’ve got the space.

The concertina-style folding door can be configurated to tie in with how you want your glazed extension to look.

Remember there will be no obstructing frames or posts and the aïr 800 bifold door can fold internally or externally, to the right-hand side, left-hand side or even in the middle.

The beauty of bifold doors

Benefits of bifold doors for homes in WembleyIn one quick and easy motion, aïr 800 bifold doors can open out or in, or fold back to reveal an impressive space.

Thanks to the multiple panels of glass, they can fold away to reveal an entirely clear opening and that’s why homeowners are choosing this high-performance bifolding door.

As part of your design, and this is entirely your decision, you can also install a traffic door. This gives you a quick exit to the outside, without having to open all the other panels.

There’s something else to mention too, because frame sightlines on aïr 800 bifold doors are as slim as 108mm, you will be creating the most stunning ‘glass curtain’.

Widespan glazing = natural light

If your house craves natural light, installing aïr 800 bifold doors, can work wonders to cheer up a room. Thanks to their large glass panels, you will be successfully throwing light into the entire downstairs of the house.

This is a really important factor when designing your new glazed extension as you will always benefit when the weather is good.

Bifold doors leave you with open walls of glass so the sunlight can shine directly down through, and that’s a real positive in people’s homes.

The stunning outdoor views that bifold doors create will act as the perfect backdrop for family get-togethers and evening parties.

Durability and safety

Benefits of bifold doors for homes in EalingOnce upon a time, homeowners may have voiced safety concerns about having large expanses of glazing.

Today, thanks to top quality glazing and frames, the aïr 800 bifold doors offer top levels of security.

aïr bifold doors are also available with Secured by Design and PAS 24 certification – which means they’re expertly engineered with a high-tech multipoint locking system.

Energy efficiency benefits of bifold doors

The glass units in aïr bifold doors work with the aluminium frames to provide optimum energy efficiency, durability, security and weather resistance.

aïr bifold doors offer U-Values as low as 1.4W/m2K and feature Teflon-coated weatherseals, which have been tests for watertightness and windload resistance. The aluminium frames are also resistant to corrosion, twisting, rusting, warping or fading and you can even choose aïrcoat – which is a special dirt-resistant, scratch-resistant, textured paint.

Bifold doors from aïr

If you want to know what the most impressive folding door is on the market, it’s the aïr bifold door.

No project would be complete without a set of these stunning aluminium glazed doors.

For more information about the benefits of aïr 800 bifold doors, get in touch with your local Accredited Retailer, or fill in a contact form here.

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