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Top 8 reasons to have bifold doors in your home this summer

Posted by Discoverair on 29/05/2019

No one loves summer as much as us Brits love summer. We’ve just had a fantastic Easter filled with sunshine and blue skies, and once we have a taste of the good weather, we want more. Summer is an even more marvellous time for those who have invested in bifold doors, as they can benefit…

Handle options from aïr

Posted by Discoverair on 16/04/2019

Choosing bifold or sliding doors is a big decision for your home. The new widespan doors have a huge impact on your property from the inside out, and picking the perfect doors requires a lot of thought – even down to the finishing touches, like the door hardware. The right hardware can substantially enhance your…

Why Aluminium?

Posted by admin on 09/03/2018

It’s a very simple question but one that we’re often asked by customers – why did you choose aluminium to manufacture your bi-fold and lift & slide doors rather than some of the other materials available? It’s a fair question and one that we’re always happy to answer. Here’s our reasoning for always opting for…

What Is aïrglide Technology?

Posted by admin on 09/03/2018

Several unique and essential ingredients are incorporated into our spectacular lift and slide doors, including aïrglide technology. Without aïrglide technology our lift and slide doors would be like any bog-standard sliding doors which can require serious effort to manoeuvre them along the track. With our doors, no such stress is required as aïrglide technology enables…

Want A Long Lasting Door? aïr Doors Are Guaranteed For 25 Years!

Posted by admin on 09/03/2018

Purchasing an aïr door is something that our customers’ usually only do once, due to the luxuriousness of these magnificent bi-folding and sliding doors. People view an aïr door as a long-term investment, and rightly so! A 10 year guarantee is normally the standard with most door products, but the aïr range is no ordinary…

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