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How To Make Your Garden An Extension Of Your Home

Warmer weather combined with a little bit of sunshine attracts us to our garden almost like a magnet.

You can’t help but want to enjoy your outdoor setting frequently at this time of year, to such an extent that it almost becomes like another room.

Although the garden is obviously located outside, it is still very easy to make it feel like a natural extension of your interior.

Our top trend-setting tips to help you bring the inside outside

Go alfresco

Make dining outside a regular thing during the summer months and invite a few friends over for some delicious treats straight off the barbecue. The children will particularly love eating outside.

Get some pretty garden furniture and carefully arrange it on your decking, patio area or rear garden which you can use as an outdoor dining room.

Remember to buy some blankets for people to cover up so that the consuming of food and conservation can flow long into the night.


Extend the long summer days by adding some lighting around and throughout your outdoor entertaining space.

Install some fairy lights, festoons and lanterns to show off your garden in a totally different light once darkness begins to fall.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your creativity.

Install aïr

Our impressive range ofsliding and bi-folding doors will banish the boundary that previously existed between your interior and garden.

With just a simple soft push, the large panels will slide or fold open to create an unobstructed pathway that you will never tire of treading. It will help make the garden the heart of the home throughout Summer.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse and because aïr favours glass over framework, in a closed position you can still expect to enjoy the most captivating views of the garden.

Unite home and garden in the most glamorous fashion by commissioning an aïr installation now.  Simply input your postcode to find your nearest aïr Accredited Retailer.  

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