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Improve the value of your home with aluminium bifold doors

With many preferring to update their home to suit their lifestyle needs rather than move, home improvements have become more popular than ever. According to the Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report, home improvements in 2021 were up 32% on the year before, with nearly 2 in 3 tradespeople stating it was the busiest year they’ve ever had.

Instead of moving house, people are now more willing to redesign their home to create the living space that they want. A popular improvement that people want in their properties is more space or rooms that are multifunctional. Bifold doors can instantly transform a living space unlike any other home improvement. They offer a multitude of possibilities, with them being able to change the way that rooms can be used, brighten up dark spaces in the home as well as create an accessible connection to the outdoors.

Why aluminium bifold doors?

Aluminium is now the go-to material for windows and doors. They are generally a higher financial investment upfront but will most likely help you to increase the profitability of your property and benefit you in the long run.

Aluminium is immensely durable and is likely to last a lot longer than wooden and uPVC frames so even though it is more expensive, they will not need replacing for a longer amount of time. Appearance wise, they also look modern and stylish with sleek profiles and sightlines. Best suited to modern homes, aluminium bifold doors are also a great upgrade from French or sliding doors, giving an impressive exterior as well as outstanding performance.

Invest in aїr 800 bifold doors

aїr 800 bifold doors are the Rolls Royce of aluminium bifold doors. Engineered to offer brilliant aesthetics, they are able to modernise any property and upgrade living spaces with the latest technology. With Teflon-coated seals, they provide ultimate weather protection, and the stainless-steel rollers ensure the doors open smoothly every time. They have also been tested to ensure they will last for years to come, being tested to open and close 50,000 times – that’s around 277 years of normal use.

Designed to flood rooms with light, they are the perfect addition to dark homes and properties that do not have the room to extend, as they also provide flexible living spaces with the opportunity to open up rooms while also seamlessly separating them.

They are available with up to 10 door panels, with each panel measuring 1.2 metres wide and 3 metres high. With slim frame sightlines, the windows are also able to let in as much light as possible as well as ensure views aren’t disrupted.

Security is priority here at aїr. Our aїr 800 bifold doors feature high-security locking and have PAS 24 and police-approved Secured by Design certification making them compliant with all the latest requirements for enhanced security for your home, giving homeowners complete peace of mind that their property is safe from unwanted intruders.

aїr 800 bifold doors also have great energy saving performance, achieving thermally efficient U-Values as low as 1.4 W/m2K, so homeowners can enjoy a cosy home while lowering their energy bills too. These doors have also been tested for wind resistance up to 1800 pa (around 120mph!) so homeowners can enjoy their home draught-free, keeping the unwanted weather elements outside.

Choose aїr for your home improvements

Being a great way to blend your home with your garden, they are sure to impress visitors with the open plan feel they offer and minimal space they require. Homeowners will also be amazed at the difference they make to homes with entertaining guests made easier as well as the benefit of being able to utilise space in the home like never before.

Investing in bifold doors to upgrade your property will involve a sum of money in the short term but it is widely agreed that the money will certainly be recouped on the increase of the home’s value immediately after they have been installed. Although an exact price increase is not guaranteed, they definitely boost homes ‘wow’ factor and increase the properties selling prospects.

If you are interested in including aluminium bifold doors in your project, please feel free to contact us on 020 3603 3746 and a member of our team would be happy to help. Choosing an aїr Accredited Retailer means that you have access to some of the best installation companies ensuring you receive high quality workmanship and customer service. Click here to find your nearest Accredited Retailer and start planning your project today!

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