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Investing In aïr Can Add Value To Your Home

Any astute homeowner should be consistently exploring and then implementing sure-fire ways of increasing the resale value of their property, even if they have no intention of selling anytime soon. Why? Because when the time comes that they do want to move on, they’re likely to be in the perfect position to find a buyer, one that’s offering a price meeting the improved valuation of the house.

You should put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. When viewing a home, you would want to see features that get you excited and encourage you to put in a bid. A set of aïr bi-folding or lift & slide doors would certainly make you react in that way.

All eyes on aïr

aïr’s captivating designs have been lovingly handcrafted by our skilful and vastly experienced aluminium experts who have also utilised cutting-edge technology to bring them to life.

They’re rigorously tested to ensure they provide optimum wind and water resistance and the lowest U-values so that recipients profit from thermal comfort.

Only once they have come through our stringent quality checking process successfully are they passed onto our Accredited Retailers in readiness for being sold to the British public.

Further selling-points of aïr

  • The integration of aïr will enable you to open up your property to the outdoor environment, making home and garden almost feel like one giant room.


  • A huge amount of natural light will travel through the tremendously large glazed panes, making your living space bright and spacious.


  • aïr comes with a 25 year guarantee, so they’ll offer all the benefits mentioned for a very long time.

The value gained from an aïr installation should outweigh the initial cost of this luxurious addition when selling, so factor this in when assessing your finances.

Download the aïr brochure to see why investing in aïr could pay dividends once you’re ready to sell up.

“aïr’s captivating designs have been lovingly handcrafted by our skilful and vastly experienced aluminium experts “

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