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Let’s get started on your ultimate summer home makeover project

Creating more space is the biggest reason homeowners take on makeover projects in the summer. As temperatures rise, it is a hugely popular time to make strong decisions about the interior of your home and let the creative juices flow.

Making any kind of home improvement needs careful thought and it’s up to you how you bring the magic to life in your house. But planning a project now is a really great time to add real wow factor to your home, and create a stunning space that you can enjoy all the year round.

Whether you’re looking for a simple summer room transformation or perhaps something slightly more special, like creating a glazed extension, it is time to take the plunge. Just think, if you make the right decision now, you’ll have a beautiful, bespoke space to enjoy this winter – and your Christmas could be the best one yet.

How to transform your home is entirely up to you but map out your plans in the summer and you will be doing yourself a favour. While you’re enjoying the better weather, start mapping out your plans and get some solid advice.

If you’ve been enjoying your garden this month and have appreciated the ‘outdoor room’ – why not create a glazed extension so you can enjoy the weather even when the sun goes in.

It is a really good idea to think about your home and the look you are trying to achieve way before you embark on any kind of transformation project.

While it’s sunny, think about what areas in your garden attract the greatest amount of light, and how you could make the most of it when planning your glazed extension.

Opening up the back of your house to introduce effortless access to the outdoors means you’ll be able to enjoy wide-open views of your garden all year round.

Imagine waking up to a bright autumnal day or even watching the snow falls outside, and enjoying it from the comfort of your new warm and cosy space.

The wonders of widespan doors

55.9 air lift & slide doors

Introducing widespan doors is a fantastic way to style up your living space and at the same time add value to your property. Glazing is a huge consideration if you’re planning to renovate your house – especially if you want to brighten up a dark room or create a space that incorporates your indoors with your outdoors.

Choosing aïr 500LS & 600LS lift & slide doors will give you panoramic views of your garden – thanks to the wall of glass they create.

With panel sizes up to 2.5 metres wide and 2.7 metres high, and a choice of up to 6 door panels, you’ll be able to frame the fantastic views of your outdoors – whatever the weather.

These expertly engineered doors, which reveal more glass than frame, boast sightlines from just 48mm. They offer unobstructed views of your outdoors, which allows light to flood into your glazed extensions.

aïr lift & slide doors include aïrglide technology meaning large panes of glass weighing up to 300kg can be easily moved with just 2 fingers to allow for no pushing or heaving. aïrglide technology means the doors will slide and glide effortlessly so every member of the family can operate the doors without difficulty.

If you’re considering a glazed extension this summer, space saving aïr lift & slide doors will keep your home looking stylish no matter what’s going on with the weather outside.

Sleek aluminium frames, large glass walls and open space sets the perfect backdrop for modern living.

They save space, and the sleek motion of the sliding door means you can create a stylish statement which looks sunning in summer and equally amazing in winter.

This year, Anthracite Grey is the most popular colour choice for aïr lift & slide doors – but it is up to you what you pick. What’s important is to consider the kind of look you are trying to achieve and at the same time set the right mood all year round.

The aluminium frames can be sprayed in any RAL colour, so you can select the perfect finish to match your home. You can even opt for an aïrcoat finish, which is dirt and scratch-resistant to cope with extreme wear and this is especially good for kitchen extensions.

aïr lift & slide doors offer U-values as low as 0.95 W/m2K, as well as Teflon®-coated weatherseals, watertightness to 600pa and extreme wind-resistance up to 1200pa. These can also come triple glazed, which helps keep your home secure as well as thermally insulated.

Security is also covered with a PAS 24 standard locking system and the option to upgrade to Secured by Design certification.

Choose in summer and be ready for winter

413.112 air bifold doors

To enjoy the absolute maximum space from your kitchen and dining room, bifold doors have all the answers.

They’re contemporary and stylish and can instantly open up a room or effortlessly join two together.

aïr 800 bifold doors can make your interior design ideas a reality and give you wide-open views of your garden. They’re the most impressive bifold door on the market today and can create maximum space by folding away to reveal a completely open area, if that’s what you are looking for.

If your property features large external walls, bifold doors fold open in a concertina style to reveal maximum space.

aïr 800 bifold doors boost plenty of configurations so you can create a door tailored to the needs of your property.

They can be installed with up to 10 sashes to give your room that must-have look. Each sash can be as high as 3 metres and as wide as 1.2 metres. Something else, you can also pick whether your bifold doors fold to the left or right hand side and they can stack internally or externally.

Choose us this summer

summer home project widespan doors

You can find out more about our aïr products from our network of aïr Accredited Retailers.

Our handpicked Accredited Retailers know all there is to know about aïr lift & slide doors and aïr 800 bifold doors. If you’re considering a glazed extension, come and talk to us.

You can find your nearest aïr Accredited Retailer here, or find out more information by filling out a contact form. For inspiration for your project, take a look at our Instagram and Facebook page.

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