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Top 4 Bi-Folding Door Aftercare Tips

One of the biggest selling points of aïr for many architects, self-builders and homeowners is the 25 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

Years and years of testing has shown the full aïr range to offer an enduring level of performance exceeding that of any other contemporary lift & slide and bi-folding door, so you know that you’re investing in lasting quality.

However, whilst aïr demands very little maintenance, there are certain forms of upkeep you can carry out to ensure that your chosen aïr product continues to meet expectations throughout its lifespan.

1. Glass

You already know that aïr delivers the most captivating external views due to the huge expanses of glass contained within the framework.

To ensure that it remains that way, remove any marks or dirt from the glass using a microfiber cloth and suitable cleaning solution, whether that be a traditional cleaning spray or good old soap and water.

2.    Locks

So that the key and lock don’t stick and operate freely, apply some light lubricating oil to both. Once done, put the key in and take it out of the lock several times, and similarly twist the key once inside the lock several times to allow the lubricating oil to fully work its way inside the lock.

3.   Frames

A soft sponge or cloth doused in some warm water with a mild washing-up liquid should be enough to eliminate any stains on the aluminium frames.

We strongly advise that you DO NOT use an abrasive cloth or pad to do this job as it could potentially damage the coated paintwork.

4.   Track

Check for any obstructions that may have found their way onto the track (stones) and may prevent the stainless steel rollers from running along smoothly. A quick vacuum should also help remove any dust that’s gathered on the track.

Because aïr is so low maintenance, you should only have to follow the above steps every six months to a year.

If you need further aïr cleaning tips or experience any problems with your aïr door, please contact us.


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