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Top 8 reasons to have bifold doors in your home this summer

No one loves summer as much as us Brits love summer. We’ve just had a fantastic Easter filled with sunshine and blue skies, and once we have a taste of the good weather, we want more.

Summer is an even more marvellous time for those who have invested in bifold doors, as they can benefit from enjoying the sun like never before.

Here are our top 8 reasons why bifold doors are perfect for summer.

1. Sunbathing

Sunbathing bifold doors

It’s not just a coincidence that everyone is happier during the summer – it’s science. Sunlight makes people happier as our bodies produce more Vitamin D and serotonin, which is linked to positive moods.

Bifold doors leave you with open walls of glass that the sunlight can shine directly down through, meaning you can catch as many lumens as you like, all from the comfort of your own home.

You can place a reclining chair by the doors specifically to sunbathe, or simply go about your day as you would knowing that you’ll be soaking up the sun.


Bifold doors bbqs

Summer and BBQs are synonymous with each other – we’d barbeque our breakfast if we could!

Bifold doors make those essential summer BBQs easier than ever.

With bifold doors, you have effortless access to the outdoors through the wide-open spaces, making bringing food, drinks and cutlery in and out of the house drama-free, avoiding any tight squeezes and hectic run-ins.

3. Entertaining

choose air bifold doors

Summer is the ideal time to be entertaining. Thanks to bifold doors, your home will be the go-to place to rendezvous with friends and family.

The stunning outdoor views that bifold doors create will act as the perfect backdrop for dinner parties and entertaining guests, which can be followed by slipping out through the widespan doors for dessert and drinks in the garden.

4. Family playtime

Children playing choose bifold doors

For parents, summer means the onset of the six-week school holidays.

It can often be a battle to keep children occupied, and with the large outdoor views that bifold doors display, there will be a constant enticing incentive for children to play in the garden more frequently – getting them out of their rooms and off the iPads.

The wide-open views will also help you to keep an eye on them through the doors, whether they’re open or closed.

5. Garden appreciation

Bifold doors garden

As well as your children and guests being able to appreciate your garden more thanks to bifold doors, you will be able to as well.

From inside, you’ll be constantly reminded of how beautiful your garden is and will be able to admire it through the wall of glass.

Bifold doors also provide greater access to the outdoors as they fold away to reveal a completely open space.

With bifold doors you have a seamless gateway to your garden, hot tub or summer house, meaning you can merge your home and garden for indoor-outdoor living, extending your home to an open plan living space.

6. Ventilation

Reasons to choose bifold doors - discover air

As the temperature rockets outside, it can increase inside too. After spending months longing for the heat and complaining about the cold, we’re found in need of a comfortable middle ground come summer.

That’s where bifold doors are the perfect solution.

Bifold doors can either be opened fully, to reveal an entirely open space, or they can fold away as much or as little as you’d like. That way, you can choose your optimum levels of ventilation to ensure that your home remains the perfect temperature throughout.

The thermally efficient glass and frames used in bifold doors work to keep insides cooler during the summer too.

7. Style

Bifold doors offer just as much form as they do function, with their levels of style matching their levels of practicality.

Bifold doors add the wow factor, with their cutting-edge large glazed areas and sleek aluminium frames.

Whether open or shut, they make for a standout feature, adding impressive aesthetics to living spaces.

8. All year round

Reasons to choose air bifold doors

While bifold doors are the ideal summer feature, they’re perfect all year round too.

When summer winds down and the temperature drops, we start to pack away our BBQs, prefer to entertain indoors and try to encourage the children to do their homework.

Not all hope is lost, however. Autumn and winter still provide the most beautiful views – and you can still appreciate these through bifold doors.

The sunlight is treasured more than ever during the colder months and bifold doors mean you can still catch those all-important rays.

Bifold doors from aïr

Aluminium bifold doors from air

aïr bifold doors are the most impressive bifold doors on the market.

They feature glass panels up to 1.2 metres wide and 3 metres tall, along with as many as 10 door panels, giving you the optimum levels of sunlight, garden access and fresh air.

For more information about aïr 800 bifold doors, get in touch with your local Accredited Retailer, or fill in a contact form here.

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