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Top Home Trends for 2020

Embarking on a home improvement project is a really exciting time and planning is key.

While we welcome in a brand-new year, why not search for the best trends for 2020 so your new project is as stunning as it deserves to be.

There is plenty of advice out there to take care of the finishing touches, like colour-coordinating your curtains, cushions and throws with wallpaper, flooring and furniture, but when you’re transforming your property on a larger scale, it’s vital to work with someone you trust. Choosing the best products on the market is also vital if you’re going to achieve the perfect look.

We know how to create incredible living spaces and we know it changes the way you live. It actually excites us when we sprinkle some of our design magic over people’s properties.

Here’s a list of our top home trends for 2020 and how they can be incorporated into your dream home.

Home Trend 1: Bifold doors

More people are choosing bifold doors and like previous years, we predict they will be a top home trend for 2020. What is fantastic about aïr 800 bifold doors, is that they are available in the most impressive sizes.

Dubbed the Rolls Royce of bifold doors, you can effortlessly open up a glazed extension with the addition of bifold doors. They have multiple panels of glass which fold away to reveal captivating open spaces.

Free from any frames or post, bifold doors work using a concertina style opening which can be folded away to remove the wall that separates your home from your garden. This allows you to extend the living space of your home.

Bifold doors can fold internally or externally, to the right-hand side, left-hand side or in the middle, and you can choose which configuration works best for you.

You can choose to have up to 10 panels, each of which can be a maximum of 3 metres tall and 1.2 metres wide, leaving you with an exciting open space that spans across 12 metres. Another bonus is that the frame sightlines on aïr bifold doors are as slim as 108mm, so there is minimal interruption of the outdoor views.

aïr 800 doors are available in any RAL colour and with a choice of special finishes, including aïrcoat, the super durable, textured, dirt-resistant paint. You can also match your new bifold with your other windows and doors or choose a contrasting colour for a real design feature.

Home Trend 2: Sliding doors

You have probably seen pictures of sliding doors in magazines or other people’s glazed extensions, but until you’ve seen ours, you have not seen the best.

Our aïr 500LS & 600LS aluminium lift & slide doors are the perfect choice if you want to open up space and create a seamless link to the outside.

Sliding doors are a great alternative to bifold doors and we think they will feature heavily in people’s top home trends for 2020. When open, sliding doors feature glass panels which slide behind each other.

Individual glass panels in the aïr 500LS & 600LS aluminium lift & slide doors are wider than those used in bifold doors – so you get fewer frames but remember they don’t open up completely.

Thanks to minimal frames, they let in boundless amounts of natural light when open or closed, and you can choose to have the panels sliding open to the left or the right.

These stunning sliding doors are available with as many as 6 panes and use a monorail or triple track system. They can be as tall as 2.7 metres and as wide as 2.5 metres, leaving you with a wall of glass that is up to 15 metres wide.

Increasing the illusion of space and letting in more natural light is how to create the perfect look in your home – and you’ll be right on trend for 2020.

Home Trend 3: Glazed extensions

While the thought of a house move might be tempting, more and more people are staying put and improving their properties instead. Forget searching for a new home in 2020, why not put the cost of moving towards an open plan glazed extension?

One reason people want to sell up is because they start craving more space, natural light and feel the need to give their homes a modern new look. The additional space can be used for a number of things, like a living or dining area, a kitchen or home office.

A top home trend for 2020 is successfully introducing specialist glazing to a property, which in turn completely transforms a house and makes it a more stylish place to live.

Whether you have aïr 800 bifold doors or our aïr 500LS & 600LS aluminium lift & slide doors, the overall look of your property will change for the better. In fact, you’ll literally transform your home ready for Summer, and we guarantee, you’ll never look back.

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