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What types of Aluminium Window frames are there?

Inside mod aluminium window

Aluminium window frames are an ideal replacement for old timber or uPVC windows with their slim sightlines, high performance and clean, sleek finish. When considering new windows, there are so many factors to take into account regarding the material and style of the frame. You might be questioning what kind of styles or openings would suit your property best. Here is a rundown of the different options we have to offer at aïr.

Different opening styles

  • Casement

Casement windows can take on two forms; side hung, where the sashes open to the left or right and top hung; where the sashes are attached to the top of the outer frame and open upwards and outwards.

This design is the most popular window option and can be used in bay and bow window styles. There is also a night vent option for secure ventilation when homeowners are asleep.

This style of window is perfect if you want ventilation and to cool your home.

  • French casement

French casement windows consist of two casement windows that open out from the centre and do not have a vertical post between them. Instead, they feature a floating mullion, similar to a French door style. They are an ideal choice for areas of the house where you want two windows next to one another, for example in a bedroom. They add an elegant appearance to the room as well as flood it in natural light.

Aside from the signature style, French casement windows maximise the flow of fresh air into your home when open, and feature the same high levels of security performance when closed.

  • Fixed

There are areas of properties that do not require an opening window, and this is where this style of window would be best suited. Fixed windows are perfect for just letting in light, or exposing a room to a stunning view.

This is a simple way of modernising a home, brightening up the interior spaces of a building and making the most of natural surroundings.

  • Tilt and Turn

Tilt and turn windows are extremely practical and are a popular choice for homeowners. They can be opened two ways, either tilted from the bottom so the top of the window is angled into the room, or they can be opened from the left or right.

The tilted opening has the added benefit of increased security and safety due to the small gap and rainwater is prevented from entering the building thanks to the tilted angle.

The full internal opening can make cleaning both the inside and outside of the window very easy, as there is no need to use ladders to clean from the outside or risk leaning out of the window.

Frame Colours and Other Options

All aïr MOD Series windows are available in any RAL colour, giving you full design flexibility to achieve your dream windows. aïr MOD Contemporary windows and aïr MOD Tilt and Turn windows also have the dual colour option where the frames can have a different colour internally and externally, to ensure all colours are in keeping with your property and interior.

We also manufacture our aluminium window frames with a durable powder coated colour finish, that prevents fading and loss of sheen.


When it comes to making the right choice with your windows for your building project, make sure to choose the most suitable styles with the features that are most appropriate for your surroundings.

If you’re interested in adding style, performance as well as flooding your home with light, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to source inspiration for your next project.

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