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A key consideration for us when developing the entire aïr range was deciding which material would be best for the manufacture of our various door designs – aluminium convincingly came out on top.

Years ago, aluminium was solely available in silver and predominantly reserved for use in commercial developments, but technology has progressed since then and sparked a rise in aluminium colour options and demand for the material in residential projects.

When you ponder over the advantages of contemporary aluminium against those of alternative materials, you quickly come to understand why aluminium was always our first choice.

Slender profile

Manufacturing our bi-folding and lift & slide doors with aluminium allows us to establish an incredibly slim profile and this slim profile can then accommodate vast glazed panes. The consequence of this is that an enormous amount of light travels through these glass sections, making interiors amazingly light during the daytime.

Long-lasting resilience

Exposure to the ever unpredictable British elements tends to take its toll on some materials (UPVC has a tendency to suffer from discolouration over time) but not aluminium. It will resist weathering for years and years which is why we provide a 25 year guarantee with every aïr product.

Low maintenance

Very little of your time will be taken up with maintaining aluminium as it only needs the occasional wiping with a wet cloth to bring a shine back to the frames. The only other task you have will be to remove any grit or small stones from the track to keep the doors running with that trademark smoothness. Far more time has to be dedicated to UPVC and timber when it comes to maintenance.

Thermally efficient

Aluminium performs outstandingly well when it comes to thermal performance and easily exceeds the standards expected in current building regulations.

“Manufacturing our bi-folding and lift & slide doors with aluminium allows us to establish an incredibly slim profile “

The use of aluminium isn’t the only upside of the world-leading aïr range! Download a copy of our brochure to find out why else aïr is in a different league to any other bi-folding and lift & slide doors.

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