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aïr: The Science Behind Luxury Doors

Poly(tetrafluorethylene) may not be the first thing most of us think of when we think of bi-fold or sliding doors. Yet it was the first thing we thought of for our door seals.

Poly(tetrafluorethylene) or Teflon, as it’s more commonly known, has some incredible qualities which help to create superior doors. Non-stick, UV resistant, weather resistant, performing consistently under extreme pressure…no wonder Teflon is essential in aerospace and engineering. No wonder too, that we decided to use it to coat our interlocking door seals. Because not only do bi-fold and sliding doors need to stay looking smart, they also have to protect your home from weather, dust and dirt, day after day.

Every detail of your door has an impact on the safety of your home. When you bring a super tough and versatile compound together with door seals constructed with an interlocking design, you create a space that is better protected against the weather, season after season.  It’s all part of the science of better engineered doors.

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